Light and hope in the dark.

My life was unraveling as if a loose thread had been pulled. Filled with distrust, not only of others but of myself. Each step felt soft, loose, and movable like sand under my feet. The solid structure of my home was like a house with termites. Outwardly all was well but the unseen was hollow and being destroyed.

But God…

Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 4:8 began to ring true for me, “We are experiencing trouble on every side, but are not crushed; we are perplexed, but not driven to despair”.  In the midst of such turmoil, I felt a measure of peace that was hard to understand. 

Miracles appear in forms that can be difficult to explain. Most often they appear as a promise, accepted by faith.

Light and hope in the dark.

On a dimly lit path I walked. Looking ahead I saw darkness and uncertainty. Focusing on each step helped me see light and hope. There were days the beam of light was small like a pen light. I could only see my feet. As I walked, the light became brighter. 

Over and over Jesus assured me through song, devotions, Bible reading, trusted friends, and sound preaching that He had a plan. I must trust Him without knowing the end result. I felt Him say, rest in Me. Put your hand in mine and walk this path. In the end, you will be stronger and look more like Me. And, I did and do. If you find yourself walking in the dark, look for that small beam of light. Jesus shines.

If we are blessed to live a long life, each of us will experience our worst day. Chances are, we will have more than one. On mine, the foundation I had laid in Jesus was and is my salvation. He preserves my sanity. My family is rebuilding. The hidden hollowness is being replaced with new material. As time goes forward the evidence of the repairs will become fainter.

We are changed.  Our home is where life is lived, forgiveness is given and love is the greatest gift of all.

Until we visit again,


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