My mom has said that as soon as she gets the answer, the question changes.  More and more I appreciate her wisdom.  Life has thrown "questions" my way over the last month or so.  You would have found me just merrily traveling along and then..... life happened.  So here I uncomfortably sit wanting to write but not ready to share.  Have you ever been there?  When you are a writer, you want to write, usually.  Yet I have just been unable to gather my thoughts.  Is this what they call "writers block"?  One of the ways to move forward, I believe, is to just write.  In my last post, I talked about discussing ways to overcome fear.  Do you mind if we put that one off for a bit?  Thank you friends. 

Let's talk about some good things the Holy Spirit has been showing me in the Bible. One of my goals for the year has been to read through the Bible.  With the YouVersion app on my phone, it is so much easier.  My reading plan is available wherever I find myself.   It is so satisfying to know because you know that you have read every word.  Personally, I like the chronological version best.  It throws a random chapter or book in there sometimes and I like that.

Confession time, when I heard Beth Moore say her pastor calls Leviticus the "graveyard" of reading the Bible through in a year, I get that.  During that few days, I often thought "why in the world should I know all of this?  I kept telling myself, there are important truths here.  Dig them out!  As I look back over the past week or so, I wondered what I could learn from this book and to my surprise, I discovered 12 things that I believe God wants us to understand and remember. 

So, here's my list.  Feel free to post a comment with some of the things you believe the book of Leviticus has taught you.

A number 13 could be added.  NEVER just read over a book in the Bible and assume there is nothing there for you.  If He included it, it's important. 

Until we visit again,
Live blessed,