New is not always best...

My dear husband says, "Age and experience can beat youth and enthusiasm often."  Does that include alarm clocks?   The little gem below has been in our family since it's beginning 36 years ago.  It was my husbands faithful companion for 3 years before we married.  I asked him when he purchased this thing and he said, "When I moved out on my own."  He came to the big city to begin school and work and if I know him, an alarm clock was probably his first purchase.  That man loves to be on time.  As you can see, he has replaced the plug with an extra heavy duty one because the original one just plain wore out.  My friend the decorator spiffs up the master bedroom and no matter what changes are made, one thing remains the same, the clock.  She (the clock) has been very faithful and dependable.  General Electric would probably be surprised to know we have one of their little inexpensive alarm clocks that is 39 years old. 

I like new things so I decided to begin using my new phone for my alarm.  She (there I go again) sounds so calming.  No jarring awake each morning.  New and improved.

This morning I was snoozing so peacefully and as I awoke, I thought, "I sure feel rested." and "It sure is light in here."  As I turned over my "faithful" cell phone to check the time, to my astonishment, it was only 1 hour and 20 minutes later than I should have been up.  What happened?!!!!!!!  I tried to unlock the phone with the security swipe, oh no, it wasn't moving.  Just sitting there all bright eyed but unwilling to share info with me.  It was frozen.  Grrrrrrr.

As you can imagine, I began to move in fast motion.  All the while trying to restart that fancy phone of mine.  I had to get dressed.  There were several little task that had to be done in our house before I left for work that I had saved for morning. And they HAD to be done.   Of course my lunch bag wasn't packed.  On top of all of that, I have short hair.  I call it cat hair.  My entire family has been blessed with thick hair.  Full of body.  Not me.  So think cockatoo. 

Carmen in the morning!

As I run, I am thinking.  What absolutely must be done before I leave.  I try to make a plan.  One thing I knew for sure, makeup must be involved.  I mean, let's think this thing through.  If you are going to have a BAD hair day, you have to balance it out with makeup.  No breakfast.  No coffee.  Good grief.  I don't think I even had a drink of water except for what escaped down my throat from brushing my teeth! 

I did not speed while driving.  That's all I needed was a ticket. Or worse.  I was 9 minutes late for work.  When I arrived I had been up less than an hour.  

I don't know what happened to that new fangled phone of mine.  I guess tonight, I pull out the stem on old Betsy.  She may be old and a little raspy but she's faithful. 

My dear husband is vindicated. 

Until we visit again,
Live blessed