Glass Slippers

I adore love stories!  Recently a dear woman of God shared her love story with me.  The beautiful way God brought her and her husband together.  God drew these two very different people toward one another with a love and appreciation that has lasted for years.  She honored me by sharing her heart.  Only another woman would appreciate how special this moment was.  Women need women.  Women need the emotional connection that other women offer.  Please don't misunderstand me, I love that man of mine!  I'm definitely not a man basher.  Never have been.  I love men.  They offer so much that women need but, there are times  we just need a "friend girl" to appreciate our story. 

I think sometimes we girls forget other's lives are full of stories.  We get so caught up in our own lives everything really does become all about me.  One woman's story may be a romantic love story.  Another's may be of a love that was lost.  Maybe you are still waiting on your Prince Charming to ride his valiant steed into your life (flashbacks from my childhood of Roger & Hammerstein's Cinderella are flooding my mind).  Then again,  maybe you have decided Jesus is the love of your life and you are called to live single.  Could your story be of an amazing miracle God has performed on your behalf or possibly you are waiting for the miracle that you so desperately need.  We all have a story.

Could it be possible that God is calling all women to renew our love for each other, our sisters in Christ?  Those in our local congregations, women in our communities, women who have forgotten how special and unique they are.  In her Bible study "Stepping Up", Beth Moore makes a statement that creates such a beautiful word picture.  Quoting her, "He (Jesus) is the ultimate Prince Charming to every woman, especially the one who forgot she was Cinderella."  What's your story Cinderella...maybe just as important is taking the time to listen to another princess tell hers.   

Until we visit again...
Live blessed,